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Titans of the sea privacy policy

This app collects minimal information from users in order to make the game features work. NG-modeling did not collect or sell any personally identifying information through the installation or use of the app. Please continue reading for additional information.

Game Features

Google Play presents a list of required permissions for the app, selected from preset categories, with no explanation. This is what the app actually does which requires the flag in the various permissions categories.

  • The app checks what device you have and uses that information to determine quality settings and screen resolution. The company does not store this information.

  • The app has access to phone status and calls, it is used to pause the game if the user answers a call while playing, and to resume the play session when the call ends. The app does not save or transmit any information about the call or caller.

  • The app can modify, delete, and read contents of the user’s device storage. It needs to be able to do this to save and load game progress, preferences, and content. It only uses this for game data, for the purpose of the game.

  • The app knows if the user’s device is connected to the internet while the game is in use. This is because there are aspects of the app that require internet access to function correctly, and if there is no access, the app must adjust. The company does nothing else with this information.

  • The company does nothing with the device’s location information, but the advertising networks do use it to show ads that have been selected for users in various areas. There will be a list of advertising networks in use below.

The game is built using the Unity game engine, and this is their policy:

In App Purchases

Titans of the sea offers NO App Purchases.

Google Play Games

If the Android user connects to their Google Play Games account, the app uses the Google Play Games ID for the Leaderboards (including finding Google Play Games friends who are also playing the game and have also connected it to their Google Play Games account) and for Cloud Save and Cloud Load. It doesn’t use it for anything else. Anything visible about the game through Google Play Games is covered under Google’s privacy policies and is controlled by the Google Play Games settings. The app can not change those settings, but the user may change those settings through Google Play Games.


If the user connects to their Facebook account, the app uses the list of Facebook friends to find any other users of the app that have also connected to their Facebook account. This information is used to populate the Friends Leaderboard, and to choose the Aniform for Friend Attack. No other use is made of this information. The app uses the name on the Facebook account to display the user’s progress on the Friends Leaderboard. It is seen by the user’s Facebook friends who have also connected to their Facebook account through the app. No other use is made of the name on the Facebook account. Facebook privacy policies, settings, and permissions apply. The app cannot change those settings or permissions, but the user may change it through Facebook.

Advertising Networks

Here is a list of advertising networks currently used to help support our app. This list will be updated to reflect any changes.

  • Facebook Basic Square
  • Google+ Basic Square
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